SPEAKNZ is New Zealand’s most experienced skills-based education consultancy specialising in professional and business / workplace presentation skills courses.

We provide intensively interactive bespoke in-house programmes to business, professions, government, sales, tertiary and community clients, plus open courses and small-group coaching.

SpeakNZ operates nationwide.


Peter J Donoghue
Founder and Director of SpeakNZ

Course Facilitator
Client liaison

Peter Donoghue

Continuously involved in business presentation skills and public speaking courses since 1978
Founded and directed Group Communication Consultants. (GCC) (1979-1995)

Developed, and with psychologist Dr Andrea Polzer, evolved the uniquely intensive psychology-based programme employed by SPEAKNZ.


Richard O’Malley
Course Facilitator
Client liaison

Richard OMalley

Award-winning speaker, speaking coach, systems analyst, chartered accountant.
Richard is a dynamic speaker, an incisive and positive analyst of business presentations, a public speaking contest judge and speaking supporter/mentor to schools.


Dr Andrea Polzer PhD.(Org. Psych.)
Course Developer and Facilitator.

Andrea Speaking

An original at GCC, now SPEAKNZ’s principal course developer and adviser.
Andrea is a significant asset to us and brings considerable value to our clients.

Simon Franks
Course Facilitator
Client liaison

Simon Franks SPEAKNZ

Simon’s background is as a broadcaster here and overseas and is an experienced speaker and conference MC. He is now and has been for some years, one of the country’s leading corporate, radio and television voiceover specialists. Without knowing it, or being able to put a name to it, you will already be quite familiar with his voice.

The time Simon has spent as a speaking coach, performer and voice artist dovetails well with what we seek to add to our course approach. Smooth, professional, relaxed, efficient and polished business presenting with an innate ability to cultivate it in others. We are delighted to now have Simon on the team. 

Sharon Kerr-Phillips
Course Facilitator
Client liaison

Sharon Kerr-Phillips - Facilitator

Sharon has a long business background in both insurance and banking management positions. To address the need for better business presenting in her industry, Sharon joined Toastmasters International, winning the coveted 2015 New Zealand Toastmaster of the Year Award from over 5,000 other members.

Her ability as a business presenter and her talent for making people comfortable in challenging circumstances brought her to our attention.
Sharon is also regularly on call for Victim Support, as an emergency support volunteer for crisis interventions.

Sharon uniquely qualifies herself for her excellent work with SPEAKNZ.


Kingsley Moody
Ambassador and Course Facilitator

Kingsley Moody

Kingsley’s quiet authoritative approach to course facilitation wins him many admirers. His considerable experience in developing presentation skills in people of all ages and backgrounds sets him up for excellence.

He held the post of Toastmasters International New Zealand District Director in 2015. This is New Zealand’s Head Toastmaster role for that year. The role includes managing the executive hierarchy who administer the nation’s 5,000+ Toastmaster members in around 300 clubs.


Geoff Clarke
Significant-sales strategist.

Geoff Clarke

Also an original at GCC.

A natural leader, Geoff enjoyed a 20+ year career with Fuji Xerox, first as Sales Manager, then 15 years as National Training Manager.

Geoff offers an executive-level strategic-sales coaching module for organisations working to achieve specific important sales to significant potential customers.

Additionally, he inspires as a sales management coach, or as a consultant sales manager for companies with smaller sales teams. And like the rest of us, he loves his work.

Call Peter or Geoff on 012 778 184

Geoff provides services as ..

– Corporate Sales Strategist
– Consulting Sales Manager

We continue to commission SpeakNZ’s course regularly throughout the year to our head office and New Zealand regional centres. Our personnel rate the courses highly and their subsequent effectiveness is self evident.

Management group at course


There are five client profiles.

1. We conduct in-house customised programmes for larger organisations. 
Our clientele is mostly significent businesses, professional organisations and local government or government entities.

Some of these commission us to a programme of monthly courses so that they may have as many of their personnel as possible through the course. We are usually booked a year or two ahead for these.

2. For smaller operations, we conduct single, bespoke, discipline-specific courses. Some clients use the opportunity of the course to invite existing or potential customers/clients or suppliers to participate. Making up the numbers this way, when they may not themselves have sufficient for an in-house course, offers high-reward, goodwill / promotional value for very little outlay.

3. We also offer open courses. These suit individual business people or small groups from organisations without enough staff for their own in-house course. We give particular attention to ensuring that individual participant’s needs are included, to the benefit of all.

4. We also provide small group coaching and specific event preparation for presenters.

5. Within limits, we are also pleased to provide services to community groups.


While we’re not seeking anyone right now, if you’re interested, you are highly skilled and you can bring something you think we need, talk to us. Who knows?

Peter Donoghue M. 021 778.184 Any time.