Primary Benefits

  • Add to intellectual capital with up
    14 new presenters per course
  • Add value to your audiences
  • Enhance individual self-esteem
  • Build inter-group communication


Developing dynamic business presenters is an investment in your organisation’s intellectual capital. The Business Presentation Skills Course provides you with up to 14 new professional-level presenters from each course.

Because audiences are expensive to assemble, using high-quality speakers and presenters is essential. They convert your investment in an audience into a company asset. Presenters who are merely average, or worse, below average can do more harm than good.


Becoming an effective presenter is magic for anyone’s self-esteem. That’s partly why most organisations offer the course to everyone.

Clients like how the course connects staff from different sections in an atmosphere of collaboration and trust. They tell us that the benefits are many.


Course Guarantee

All courses & participants

SpeakNZ guarantees against their fee, that ..

All who fully participate in and reasonably implement the precepts of the course during subsequent presentations will be regarded as noticeably skilled presenters.

A typical SpeakNZ training room layout

A typical SpeakNZ group

Speak to us about your expectations.


SpeakNZ has conducted up to 10 courses (30 workshops) for us throughout New Zealand each year since 2011. They adapted to our culture perfectly from the outset and continue to return excellent participant performance and feedback.



Course Format

Why 3 (or 4) half – day workshops, a week apart?
(8-14 participants.)

Half days are more effective, more efficient than 2 day back-to-back courses. It’s easier for participants to organise 4 disruption-free work hours than 2 full days away from their desks. The gap-week encourages preparation for their formal presentations and time to reflect and collaborate.

The course format is based on established cognitive psychology principles, extensive teaching and speaking experience and collaboration with clients and partners.

Participants work in a fine-tuned coaching / laboratory environment, alive with authentic experience and vivid examples. There’s little background academic theory and zero participation in tedious small group role-plays. It’s all real and before an engaged audience-sized group motivated by common motivation.

More on the course format ..

Strong group communication skills are essential to our national operation. Our SpeakNZ courses ensure our people become excellent presenters. They, in turn, help to build our effectiveness and reputation.


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